Daring Bakers Challenge for December: French Yule Log

December 30, 2008

IMG_3700 by you.

This month’s challenge is brought to us by the adventurous Hilda from Saffron and Blueberryand Marion from Il en Faut Peu Pour Etre Heureux.  They have chosen a French Yule Log by Flore from Florilege Gourmand.  I was this close to skipping this month’s challenge as I was up to my eyeballs in cocktail parties, cookie baking, gift shopping and holiday meal preparations.  I certainly was not up for step-by-step photographs of an 18 page long recipe, even if I did decide to brave this month’s challenge.  In spite of the daunting nature of the tome they were passing off as a recipe,  I decided that this buche de noël was going to be the perfect dessert for Christmas Eve. 

The recipe is available here for those brave enough to tackle this time-consuming but exquisite dessert.  Just be prepared to go through ungodly amounts of cream, eggs and butter.   Also realize you will dirty every single bowl, whisk, pan, food processor, stand mixer, and hand mixer that you own.  And maybe some of your neighbor’s as well.

A few things I learned while making this dessert:

  1. Planning goes a long way.  Always read the recipe completely (all 18 pages) before starting.
  2. Let the yule log thaw completely before attempting to cut and eat it.  (or photograph it for that matter).
  3. caramel + chocolate (mixed together) = heaven on earth

I made all 6 elements of the recipe (mousse, creme brulee insert, praline (crisp) insert, ganache insert, dacquoise biscuit, and icing) exactly as suggested, with no variation as I was still Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve.  I also had no time to make pretty decorations (hence the sprig of holly plopped on top) and I especially had no time to wait for the yule log to come to room temperature.  I like to think the frost on the chocolate icing is in keeping with the wintry “Jack Frost” feel.

IMG_3703 by you.

My husband, who has tasted all of my culinary endeavors, proclaimed this was the most delicious thing I have ever made.  Too bad my photos couldn’t do it justice.

17 Responses to “Daring Bakers Challenge for December: French Yule Log”

  1. Aparna Says:

    I’m not an expert but your finished log lokks lovely to me.:)
    Yes, I also learned that this (and most DB challenges) require planning! It was delicious though.

    Best wishes for the festive season and a Happy New Year.

  2. sea Says:

    Looks lovely and I envy you the appropriately sized plate! I had to use an (Attractive) casserole dish for the whole log photo. 😉 Only trouble with letting the thing thaw out for photographing is the icing starts to melt! lol


  3. Looks tasty. And your husband thought it was the best you’ve done? Now, that is a compliment! Great job!!

  4. Renee Says:

    I love the frost on the log – very pretty. You’re absolutely right about using all dishes available!! Your log is beautiful!

  5. sara Says:

    This looks really beautiful! I love the holly on top. Yum. 🙂

  6. Looks great! I basically kept to the recipe as well – but I think that was a good decision, everyone agreed it was delicious. Well done.

  7. Lynn Says:

    Do not beat yourself up over the photos. I think your yule log looks amazing. I concur, you do use absolutely every pan and dish and space, for the matter, in the kitchen. Well done.

  8. Cynthia Says:

    This recipe took way too long to make. In hindsight I wish I would have skipped it and spent more of my time on a really cool gingerbread house instead. And yours looks very good.

  9. rainbowbrown Says:

    Yes yes yes. Caramel and chocolate did indeed equal heaven on earth. This yule log looks mighty fine.

  10. If your husband said that it really had to be amazing!

  11. So, so pretty! Your log looks elegant, delicious, and with the holly, festive!

  12. Alana Says:

    Great job- the inside of your log looks great, and your frosting set so nicely. Hope you’re done with the dishes…

  13. Apu Says:

    Looks yummy!!


  14. Namratha Says:

    That’s a neatly done log.

  15. Very festive log! Well done.

  16. Jenny Says:

    But if you cut it frozen, you can see the layers better!
    Nice work, btw.

  17. megan Says:

    I wish I hadn’t skipped this months challenge. Your log lucks so pretty and festive. Next year I’m making this one for sure!

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