This Korean-American mama was raised on kimchi, married a smokin’ Mexican/Italian/Irish/Dutch man and had two beautiful spicy kids. I grew up with a mother for whom the phrase “made from scratch” and “cooking” are needlessly redundant, and as a result, food and cooking has been irrevocably linked with my psyche.    I love to make family recipes and pretty much any other kind of cuisine, training my kids at a very early age to eat everything from squid to squash. 

You can email me at onespicymama at gmail dot com.  Thanks for visiting my blog about cooking, parenting, and life – come back often!

10 Responses to “About Me”

  1. joan Says:

    Hi Spicy! We’re sure glad that we snagged you! Beautiful website! Professional you are in everything you do! even the “smokin” M/I/D/I! and the two little tortillas!

  2. sarahcentric Says:

    Hey there, just read further…really love it over here! I’m all for food and interracial families (I’m one of six kids from a black father and white mother). Sounds like you have a happy, healthy and well-fed family. Like I said earlier, keep cookin:-)

  3. LINZIE Says:

    Tell your kids my dd says “hi” LOL

    Your pictures and recipes are mouth watering.

    I give this Blog a 5 star. Hehehehehe

  4. cluck Says:

    hello onespicymama (cute name, btw),

    i had a great time browsing your blog.

    plenty of delicious recipes to try out when time permits and wanna take this opportunity to thank you for sharing them.

    i’m particularly attracted to the Library Thing you have under one of your widgets. tried as i could, i was not able to put up my own recent read in my blog (i.e. got as far as adding the “chiclet” only – blush, blush).

    so, if you could be so kind, please advise how you got it done in yours?

    all the best in your bloggings!

    Cluck ^_^

  5. cluck Says:

    well, waddaya know?

    i did it! a few try-outs here and there and presto! it is done.

    sorry to have been a bother – think my excitement overcame my patience. ^_^

    tty soon and hoping to see more delish recipes on the way.

    Cluck ^_^

  6. LINZIE Says:

    OMG! I am drooling over the Korean BBQ. I gotta try some of your recipes.

    I have known this lady for 2 years now. She is a great writer, cook and wonderful mom.

    PS: Can you try some other Asian cuisine or some European food?

    Try the SERRADURA- Portuguese Dessert. I am sure your 2 kids will love them! *wink*

  7. thefrenchkitchen Says:

    Hi — love your blog. So much so that I’ve listed you on my new blog From the French Kitchen:

    I’m very new to this and am fascinated by so many great food blogs. I hope you’ll have a second to look at my site and give me any tips you have.


  8. summercrobbins Says:

    Hi One Spicy Mama-

    After all of your advice I’m finally live!

    Thanks so much for all of your words of wisdom. You were a great help.


  9. hey old friend…love the blog! glad to have touched base on facebook !!

  10. Arlette Says:

    very nice blog, and interesting recipes…
    and a great photos.
    thanks for sharing

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